Signature...the cheese to please, is available for retail, industrial, wholesale and food service organisations in grated, block and sliced cheese in the following formats:

Signature Grated Cheese - available as standard & fine grated At GRH Food Company, we specialise in the supply of grated cheddar. Our fully automated grating line and rapid delivery service allow us to quickly provide you with the products you need. We only grate cheese from whole block, chosen for their specific qualities. Our grated blends are selected for their ability to cook and melt easily, as well as for their full-bodied flavour.

Signature Block Cheese Our block cheeses are selected for flavour and texture in order to meet the high expectations of our customers. Working closely with manufacturers, we source smooth textured, full bodied cheese with clean, creamy flavours

Signature Sliced Cheese The expertise within our business enables us to extensively research and select cheese at its optimum level of maturity from the whole of the marketplace.

Sliced cheese gives optimum cost and portion control. We can supply individual slices from 15 gms to 50 gms to meet your individual specifications.

Our Signature brand is available in mild and mature formats, you can buy it as a block, grated or sliced product which will offer you complete portion control.

Signature Quality Blended Cheeses Our superb selection of Signature blended cheeses offer the high quality our customers expect from the Signature brand.

These delicious cheeses are proving to be a very popular addition to the Signature range.

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